The Cronicles of Lenne: Episode 3: Wrath of the Dragon Lords

Session 2: Into the Sewers!

Time to get dirty

When we last left our heroes…
5 strangers met in dirty dockside tavern by random chance and discovered they had two main things in common. a severe hatred for the Dragon lords and an odd connection to one another, one of these people had been looking for another for quite some time, with a message for only their eyes.

After a night of drinks and introductions, the town erupted in chaos, alarms going off and town guard subduing the populace. After an altercation with the guard, and some clever explosive work, the party escapes into the sewers, where they find a large subterranean cathedral.

The party enters the cathedral, and soon everyone gets trapped in a room but The Outcast. The door welds shut as Ironwood, and the room starts to fill with mustard gas. Somehow the party escapes, and heads down the opposite way, towards what sounds like multiple footsteps…

The party continues into the cathedral, finding the place infested with spiders, and riddled with illusions. After evading the arachnids and seeing through the illusions, the party discovers a laboratory, with a mysterious journal inside. Continuing through an illusion into a corridor with a river, the party finds itself into an underground aquaduct system, presumably attached to the sewer.

The place was like a maze, and the party quickly finds itself turned around, going through corridor after corridor. They stumble through some crude traps, and find themselves in a small kobold city built underneath La’tesh. Instantly being spotted, the party flees, through a golem trap, activating more pursuers to the chaotic chase, and flinging themselves off a spillway, that emptied out into the ocean.

Exhausted, the party swims out of the complex, finding themselves in La’tesh’s harbour. Then after nearly being apprehended by the town guard, the party makes their way to the Aliti. As the party approaches the Aliti, the find that it is under the control of La’tesh’s guard, with the crew in manacles. The siege on the Aliti begins, with Regbeard freeing the crew, while the rest of the party makes a distraction. Explosive destruction ensues as the party flees La’tesh on the retaken Aliti, but ‘lo and behold, they are being closely pursued by ships from La’tesh.


champage champage

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