Gods and Divine Forces

The Heavens: Alios
the kingdom of the gods and home to the majority of them. Without help from a roc or some other magical flying beast it is impossible to get to.

the Gods: (or the Makers)
The original creators of the realm as we know it. They literally made the cosmos from nothing. It is even said that many races are created in the likeness of one god to show how proud he was over the creation of the races of man. Although they have a set higharchy there is many a tale of forbidden love, asstranged children and murderous plots among even the highest of these Immortals.

the 4 Pillars: (the Royal Family of the Gods)

Sol: God of the Sun, Summer and Fire
Seen as the King of the Gods, He commands over the Sun, Summer and the Element of fire but also the Heavens. It is his job to ensure none of the other gods step out of line and upset the balance of the relam. He does with his Gauntlets of Solar Flame

Favored Weapon: Gauntlets Anchor: the Crown of Fire
Allignment: Lawful Neutral Temple: Bakeries or Town Squares

Miliph: Goddess of the Moon, Winter and Water
Hailed as Queen and Mother figure of the Gods, She reigns over the Moon, the tides, Winter’s snow and all the the creatures of the sea as well as most sea farers. Her nasty temper is said to be the cause of many of the worst tsunami’s and sea storms in history.

Favored Weapon: Longbow Anchor: the Heart of the Ocean
Allignment: Chaotic Neutral Temple: Dockmaster HQ or Fishermans Markets

Virgil: god of the Stars, Spring and Air
Known as Prince of the Heavens, He is known for egnighting the sparkle in every star thoughout the night sky as well as lighting the way for Travellers of the Realm. He is also adored for bringing same beauty to the realm with the blossoming of Spring.

Favored Weapon: Whip Anchor: the Everblooming Lily
Allignment: Chaotic Neutral Temple: Chapels or Observatories

Lenne: Goddess of the Realm, Fall and Earth
Known as Princess of all we call home. She is known for escaping from her parents gaze to create the slice of cosmic paradise that is the realm. She is praised by almost every culture accross the realm from the singular Hermit to whole Cities.

Favored Weapon: Hammer Anchor: the Realm itself.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral Temple: Mines or Quarries

the 13 Lower Chairs:
these gods are all powerful as well yet still seem to fall into line around the reigning 4 pillars. Despite this the gods all almost all worshiped by all people at certain times. People only take on a Patron deity if they plan to devote their lives to an era that is affected by a god and want their praise in the matter.

Desica: Goddess of Secrets and Messenger of the Gods
Known as the shooting star, she can often be seen trveling from one god to another with divine secrets in hand or mind. She has an amazing reputation for descretion and the people of te realm either pray to have her strength with certain knowladge or that they are worthy of knowing something they don’t.

Favored Weapon: Dagger (letter opener) Anchor: Letterbag
Allignment: Chaotic Neutral Temple: Post Offices

Pelonne: Goddess of Magics, Death and Rebirth
The Reaper or Reuniter depending on which culture you talk to. She is sometimes a benevolent force just following the process of life, death, rebirth for all eternity. Others say she is a evil witch who steals our loved ones from us to do her evil bidding and she has commited such evil since the dawn of time.

Favored Weapon: Sickle Anchor: An Immortal Soul
Allignment: Neutral Evil Temple: Mosoliums or Creamatoriums

Yuloth: God of Strength, Power and Victory
Hailed as the God of Champions, Yuloth is prayed to by everyone from soilders before entering battle to commoners on there way to market or even the town drunk when checking his pocket. Yuloth is known to show praise to valient warriors or anyone who makes a name out of winning.

Favored Weapon: Greatsword Anchor: His Lost Eye
Allignment: Chaotic Good Temple: Collosiums or Warrior Guilds

Inorant: God of the Harvest, Art and Celebration
Known as the bringer of Harvest, Inorant is prayed to before enjoying any good or well deserved meal or celebration. A toast to him in any tacarn will always get at least a few patrons to cheers you, regardless if they carry him as their patron deity. He is most commonly worshiped by farmers or farming communities.

Favored Weapon: Sythe Anchor: Vale of the NeverEnding Soltice
Allignment: Neutral Good Temple: Taverns or Galleries

Xenios: God of Knowladge, Magics and Time
Refered to by the highest Mages as “the Maker of Magic”, Xenios is prayed to by anyone who comes into contact with magic. From townsfolk afflicted with a mysterious plague to the most reknown ArchMages before an expirment or a magical duel. It is said he scours the endless cosmos for more magics to deliver unto the realm.

Favored Weapon: Quaterstaff Anchor: Tomb of Forgotten Arcana
Allignment: Chaotic Good Temple: Libraries or Schools

Hinesh: Goddess of Love, Seduction and Fertility
Every parent on the realm has prayed to Hinesh at some point. Either while trying to get pregnent and praying for fertility to praying for their childs health and longevity through life. Casanovas and those who would be seduced by the lifestyle of the love take Hinesh as their patron deity.

Favored Weapon: Crossbow Anchor: Ring of Imaculate Conception
Allignment: Chaotic Neutral Temple: Hospitals or Brothels

Oennya: Goddess of Valor, Justice and Might
Known as the Judge of the Gods, Oennya oversees justice throughout the endless cosmos. Taking vengence on those who deserve it and praising those who would help her in her eternal quest. She is prayed to by the wronged in hopes their injustice will be met by her Mace.

Favored Weapon: Mace Anchor: City of the Dead
Allignment: Lawful Nuetral Temple: Courthouses or Prisons

Ullon: God of the Forest, Animals and Travel
Patron of the Tree’s and anyone or thing that would call it home. Ullon is the protector of all the realms forests and seeks vengence on anyone who would dare threaten them. He is givin thanks to by hunters upon a successful kill and asked upon for guidence from msny a lost or wandering traveler.

Favored Weapon: Longbow Anchor: A Wolf
Allignment: Neutral Temple: Hostels and Mills

Nibram: Goddess of Courage, Protection and the Hunt
The Sheild of the Gods and Patron goddess of most hunters. There is often shrines build to her on the edges of forests near towns to attract animals to them. Many town gaurds also have shrines build in watch towers to watch over them in times of strife. She praises anyone who would stand up and protect what they love.

Favored Weapon: Longsword Anchor: A Towersheild
Allignment: Lawful Good Temple: Hunters Guilds and Town Gaurd HQ

Cardis: God of War, Destruction and Chaos
The most Manipulative Minds take Cardis as their Patron deity. Known for his neverending tangled web of lies and misinformation, it is said he has tried many a time to take the throne from Sol. Cardis is also prayed to by men on battlefeilds for their enemies destruction.

Favored Weapon: Morningstar Anchor: A Locket
Allignment: Lawful Evil Temple:n/a

Mraul: God of Slaughter, Wrath and Death
Known as the God Of Torture, Mraul delights in nothing more than the excrucaiting pain he causes his victims. The only thing even comparable is the feeling of finally takeing there life. Mraul is prayed to by Barbarians of the most ruthless mindsets and those who would relesh a violent death. Most of his followers are psychotic.

Favored Weapon: Pickaxe Anchor: Necklace of Teeth
Allignment: Chaotic Evil Temple: n/a

Fremess: Goddess of Destiny, Luck and Fortune
The Oracle of Fate, Fremess is prayed to by anyone who recieves good luck or someone who wished to change their luck. Those seeking to curse someone often warn that she has a card in her deck with thier name on it.. and it is justice. Few would dare take her name in vein for fear of evoking a fate worse than death.

Favored Weapon: Exotic Chain Anchor: Deck of Harrow Cards
Alignment: Chaotic Evil Temple: Gamehouses or Profits

Temises: God of Decete, Trickery and Illusions
known as the the Masked Liar, Temises brought mischeif and illusions to the realm to help guide his own devious plot. He is prayed to by everyone from Bards for help in their beleivable performances, Liars in the heat of the moment and Mages who wish to dabble in his strange ways.

Favored Weapon: Battleaxe Anchor: A Theatre Mask
Allignment: Chaotic Neutral Temple: Playhouses or Theatres
God: Domains:
Cardis: War, Destruction and Chaos
Desica: Secrets and Messenger of the Gods
Fremness: Destiny, Luck and Fortune
Hinesh: Love, Seduction and Fertility
Inorant: Harvest, Celebration and Art
Lenne: the Realm, Fall and Earth
Miliph: Moon, Winter and Water
Mraul: Slaughter, Wrath and Death
Nibram: Courage, Protection and the Hunt
Oennya: Valor, Justice and Might
Pelonne: Magics, Death and Rebirth
Sol: Sun, Summer and Fire
Tremesis: Decete, Trickery and Illusions
Ullon: the Forest, Animals and Travel
Virgil: the Stars, Spring and Air
Xenios: Knowladge, Magics and Time
Yuloth: Strength, Power and Victory

Gods and Divine Forces

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