Villain Storyline

Session 1
things the party knows as their Characters:
- For Security Reasons, You almost Never meet the dragon lords personally. (you have each met one in your life) JObs and information are passed onto thier Lords or messeners to you.
- although you are the champion of one dragon, you serve all of them. only when instructions contradict do you go with your dragons orders over anothers. if it does not contradict, you accept them and do it.
- You are the law and are above the law. as champions, you are the hands of the dragonlords. agents of death in their name. licence to kill.
- Disobeying the Dragon lords is how one gets themselves killed. you have already known a member die at the hands of them for insubordination. in short, you want what they want.

  1. Pair is summoned by the Red Dragon Lord himself. in His palace at Somerset. Lord Somerset himself gives you word that the master ________ wants them to seek out the hillside monastary of Desica and find an Amber Orb that was taken from us several months ago. the orb was finally tracked to the monastary with some information that the rebellion would find useful against them. seek out both and bring them back.
  2. they arrive at the monastary and present themselves. the head monk is nervous and shakey. they can tell he is hiding something. if/when they finally break him they find out both the orb and the intel have already been sent out with a messenger. a female messenger.
  3. with the trsil cold on where the package was going and what the messenger looked like. they begin theyre wild goose hunt. about 8 months of useless leads and dead ends they finally are able to pick up her trail and find out she a blonde human female destination still unknown but they do know which way she went. so the race went on. another 2 years of trying to track her down leaves them in the City Geor on Connis. Bad surveillance lead to them getting on the wrong boat. they head to lattash as it was the next possible place she would have gone.
  4. the Characters battle with a Death worm. just half days journey from the Capital city of Lattash. the glass desert is cold and wet. in the last month it has taken you to get here all you have known is the rain. they have no patience for the battle. there minds are on getting to the city and completing their newest job. after the battle is finished, the group does just that.
  5. Summoned by the blue guard to capture a messenger before they can deliver there message, the gang just missed them by week. they are sent track down the girl and her fellow convicts.
    - She escaped the city 8 days ago during a home check for someone who matched her description.
    - The Girl Has 2 objects of desire; the message for the Rebellion and an artifact the girl carries on her is also suspected to be stolen from the dragon lords.
    - She escaped with the aid of a Cleric of Yuloth who housed her and the other convicts before helping them escape through the sewers, also with them was two escaped slaves from the glass mines, a gypsy bard and the Horizon Seeker and it’s Captain Zachery Binx.
    - they escaped East towards Za’Arth. although a squad was sent after them the forbidding sea is treacherous and left no survivors. Word has not yet been sent to The Port cities like Moren and Huletta.
  6. the Team Must summon passage to the eastern realm and prepare to track now a number of targets.the ship comes in 2 days from a neighboring port and the palace supplies you with food and booze for the travel. thry now have the option of following directly or going around the battle at sea.
  7. during passage across they do are hit by an attack by an Sea Sphere. and must Survive with their ship if they dont want to be delayed by a week.
  8. regardless of which way they go when they finally get across and take word to Moren. Moren is in sunders. smoke bellows from several buildings that are still on fire. as they enter the streets are layed with dead bodies and blood runs in the gutters. green guard chase criminal frantically in the streets and embarrass the name. a senior officer soon recognizes you and askes if you are part of thr green lords personal entourage? when they have no idead what you are talking about he scurries off. If they go and ask the dock master. he is dead. if they diplomacy on the docks they find out the Horizon Seeker was in port and restocked its supplies and crew in 2 days and set sail the day of the prison break. it headed south.
  9. if they show off the wanted posters of the guard they quite possibly see someone who recognizes Zachery from in the prison.
  10. they walk through the carnage to the Moren Palace to see it’s overlord: Eerik Daminass. the palace is in a panic just like the city no proper recognition of their status. whatever the situation, it seems dire. They finally find Eerik and find out there has been a massive prison break (96% freed). all by one man. someone named Zachery Binx. we’re searching the city for him but the guard has had no luck. several small groups were able to escape into the jungle but he doubts they will survive long.
  11. The Group Sets out on the ship to chase the horizon seeker heading south. 4 days spent sailing to catch up to it. the pirates are small time and are disarmed quickly. the captain is a boy of a halfling named Lorenzo Von Matterhorn. he says he got the boat from a guy named Zachery in Moren and restocked and rehired a crew for it.
  12. after they turn around and head Back to Moren, Word comes via Drakon (Dragon Hawk) that the green Overlord Himself are at the Port city to help deal with the situation. the 3 days pass slowly.
  13. when they finally arrive, they are greeted by several lined guards with weapons held in salute. they are escorted to the town square where they meet Slythin himself. who wants to know if you found the man who started this. when they tell him of thier failure, he tells them that that he wants you to hunt down these vandals and destroy them. he will prepare mounts and you must track them down.
  14. by the time they have collected thier things the Axe Beak mounts are ready and stocked with some bare supplies. they head out through the south east gate and heading out into the jungle.

the Battles:

    Death Worm
    Sea Sphere Bubble

Session 2

  1. get into the forest, find wyvren. battle.
  2. make it to

The Battles:


Villain Storyline

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