Hello and Welcome. This is the Campaign Setting for The Chronicles of Lenne: Episode 3: The Wrath of the DragonLords! this is the third Setting is a series of episodes based on different eras in the realm of Lenne. (Len-ney)

The fun of this is watching how campaigns played in the vast path can affect the future. It allows your world grow and evolve with your characters actions and allows them to make a mark and see if and how it appears in later settings. It’s also really handy for those who love time traveler Settings (Myself Included). Lenne is a realm of great magic and endless possibilities. and i wanted to have a setting that was epic and got nothing but more epic! I hope that this setting is as fun for you to run or play as it was for me to put together.

P.S. Some might wonder why i chose to start my Chronicling of my story with Episode 3? I am starting with Episode 3 because this game was with several new players, most of them there first real adventure. I have 11 Episodes currently and another few on the block so why 3. First, I wanted something simple yet thrilling but nothing too heavy to grasp. Episode 1 was a straight treck from point a to b. simple enough. it had dinosaurs through out. thrilling. and the characters couldnt be much more than barbarians.it seemed like the perfect fit. then i sat and though about my first Campaign. the one that got me hooked on RPGs. it was fun, complex espeically for someone still trying to learn the system from nothing. but i grew in that campaign and became a much better player for it. Episode 3 was an untested loose Adaptation of that campaign so i could include my first character in my own setting. thi drove me to chose this setting. it was deep, cunning, hard, and fully of epic plot twists throughout. The most fun i could offer for the group of new players I was introducing to the game.

Episode 3 Outline

Introduction: The Party members start off as oppressed civilians of the newly self appointed dragon lords. For 25 years they have had there claw just above the people in threat of there lives, lives that now exist for nothing more than supplying the dragon lords with their exhausting demands. So very quickly the party members become rebels against the evil tyrants.

Main Story: the party quickly gets involved with a rebel group that is searching for an item that the dragons were said to once fear. A group of five gems. Each matching the colour of a dragon and each resembling a dragons eye. The items have not been seen or heard of in some time but they are the best hope the realm has right now. The party must now search the world for the items as well as stay under the radar of the 5 dragon Lords and there endless armies of spies.


Common Races: Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Half Orcs, Halfling, Humans, Orcs.

Classes:Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Rouge,Sorcerer, Wizard, Calviler, Inquisitor, Oracle, Witch

Characters: Silas Everglade (Half Elf druid) Refugee
Foxx(Elf Barbarian) Rebellion Leader Bakirra Magi (Human Oracle) Magical Prodigy

Geography: 4 Continents: Frosm, Zar’Ath, Connis and the floating ilses. Each one cahnged to suit it’s Dragon Lord’s need. The desserts of Connis turned almost enitrly to glass with giant spires throughout like claw like fingers reaching for the sky, The forests of Zar’Ath practically burned to the ground by volcanic eruptions, The Plains of Frosm turned into a smoggy desolate wasteland and the floating isles practically frozen in the sky by a never ending snowstorm. With such extreme conditions being held constantly is forcing the world to shift and continue to change.

Ecology: the races of man are held at the complete mercy of the dragon lords. So powerful they can change their homes to suits there likes allows them to keep practically everyone under there gigantic thumbs. A small resistance has been formed to combat these evil overlords, but they arn’t seen as much more than a bunch of rebelious headstrong kids who just dont know when to lye down. And with no resources and no faith or help from the races of men they will never accomplish anything.

Alternate Campaign: the party starts out as henchmen of one of the dragonlords who are quickly traded to another. Once in ownership of the new dragonlord, they soon learn that a group of adventures is seeking out an ancient relic that could pose a threat to all of the dragon lords. This group is assigned the task of stopping the group and figuring out a way to ensure their current owners survival… even beyond there own.

Time: 500 yrs. (501 – 1,000 C.A.) (Chromatic Era)

The Cronicles of Lenne: Episode 3: Wrath of the Dragon Lords

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