The Cronicles of Lenne: Episode 3: Wrath of the Dragon Lords

Session 20: The Town of Riversend

When we last left our heroes…


Session 19: so close yet so far

When we last left our heroes…


Session 9: Surviving the Jungle

When we last left our heroes…
only a few days into the jungle and already starting to feel worn down.. or maybe thats just the poison over half of the team is now ill with. at this rate, the gang is taking bets on what will do them in first..


Session 8: the escape from Moren

When we last left our heroes…
Zach just freed almost every prisoner from the town jail and managed to get back the groups stuff while everyone is hunkered down in the barwenches apartment but with all the prisoners escaped the green guard has no choice but to resort to extreme measures.


  • met up with tim and zach (tim broght supplies)
  • find weak point in wall and silas turns the stones to sand to make a hole large enough for everyone to get through. green gaurd notice and begin to chase us.
  • run to clife everyone but bremnen makes it but he bowls into us and almost everyone rolls down the steep hillside. silas makes it fine.
  • tim leads them into a poisoned spiders web. they all pass out.
  • when thry wake, they are striped of their equipment and are shackeled and being lead by some men into an outcropping where a gang of over thirty Slumish folk containing several people they pissed off in moren
  • richard bremnen is brought forward, unshackled and told of how he has ruined the last persons life. they proceed to cut of his hand. they coterize it with a torch and richard decks him in the face. the executioner takes his head off in one swing.
  • next they bring out audrey, and soon the were rat gang appears and begin to beat her up while she is bound. first with they’re fists then switching to clubs. silas begs for her life and manages to leave her with a fraction of life in her,
  • they turn to silas and ask him who should take the punishment for his dogs actions, the mut or the Master? silas says he will take it and the come around and take off his shackles and put on a Iron or steel looking glove and grows until it covers 3/4 of his Left arm. he is told that the glove is inteligent and wont let him attack anyone who isn’t endangering him personally. if he tries then it will burn and shock him badly.
  • the release Zachery and hand him 3 vials of antivenom from the poisoned spiderweb. he gives one to fern and takes one himself and pockets the third. they tell us if any of us come back to Moren we would be either captured by the green guard or killed by them.with that , they turn and begin to make there way back to Moren.
  • gang colects thier gear while fern and silas tend to audrey, although they do a good job they both know that she will never fully recover from this
  • fern and Zachery make a strecher while silas collects the three peices of richard and begins digging him a grave. after awhile, silas had buried richard and said prayers both to his god Ullon and the preists Yuloth as well. Zach and Fern made a harness to be carried by Salos.
  • The team collects the supplies left over and begin to head east. Zach pulls out his spy glass and lets silas use ut from the top of the nearest tall tree. he sees the fires of moren, a tiny town to the east that could only be barthos and something large coming towarsds them form the northeast. silas decends and tells the gang and they continue east.
  • the travel all day and wel into the next they feel a strong presence near them and slias turns into a tree for saftey. the rest of the gang hides until they see an enormous shadow go overhead.
  • they continue to tarvel for the rest of the day, when they make camp they are attacked by some gross alien looking worms and a halfling barbarian riding a dog comes to they’re aid. after the battle they learn the little hero is just wandering and will occompany them across the jungle.
  • that night, silas prays to Ullon for guidance in these lost times as they have lost the only man who knew the people they were supposed to meet is now part of this jungle.
  • the next day, silas climbs another tree to scout and discovers a small stream of smoke from the northeast. with little food and water supplies to live off the gang decides to check it out.
  • after a days and a half traveling, they discovered the single smoke stack is actually several small ones from a jungle tribe set up only all the villagers are dead. women and children as well. their murderers are still eating them. the gang battles a swarm of those alien worms and their leader. a leopard who was strangely sentient.
  • after they defeat the killers, they scour the tribe for any survivors with no success. the team gathers the bodies of the villagers and gives them a proper funeral and cremation. silas says a prayer for the villagers souls.
  • once the people are set to rest, the gang collects any supplies they can find to make it across the jungle, in his search Silas finds a journal entry written in druidic which speaks to someone about something called the “orbs of dragon=kind” and how they might be able to be used as weapons against the dragon lords. over all, the gang is able to find a wagon and fashion it for the dogs and fill it with supplies for the journey.
  • Zachery finds an idle of the leopard and tries to take it, silas warns him its too dangerous to keep. he waits till we are not looking and pockets it anyway.
Session 7: Out of the frying pan..

When we last left our heroes…
two of the party members had been arrested by the green guard and taken to a prison while the rest began conspiring a way to break them out with the help of some shady characters. little does the gang know that Silas and audrey have already managed to break out of their cell and already met another rebel and freed him.


  1. battle with column sentinels. rich picks up pieces of gold dropped from their bodies.
  2. silas, audrey and will make it to the bottom of the prison and knock out the gaurd at the bottom. zach and gang have gotten to the same door.
  3. gang escapes back into the sewer where they meet scuttle and head to the dark market.
  4. richard decides to sell his gold sentinel parts. zachery decide to get a drink, rest of gang follows(except audrey who hangs with rich).
  5. Rich finds merchant who will buy his gold but it attracts too much attention. someone tries and fails to pick pocket him, richard cuts him and chaos ensues.
  6. gang all meet up in tavarn (tabitha’s) and exit out the back. will leads them to an old mone shaft they can take out of the city.
  7. the shaft has been boarded up, the zach and rich go at it with crowbars and open up a hole big enough to get through. zach drops caltrops, once through, acer pours oil on the planks left and flicks his smoke to light it up.
  8. the group goes down the paths and runs into a ghoul bat but has to fight almost entirely blind.
  9. group gets out of the mine shaft and outside the city. for the first time the group can see the endless jungle they must cross to get to barthos. they are dirty and wanted. they make for the river along the north wall to get washed up and adorn a new look.
  10. at the river there are some women washing cloths in the cove. the gang moves up river while zach goes and turns into a cat and steals some clothes out of their baskets.
  11. gang makes plan to get back into the city by combining obscurring mist, summoning an eagle and lighting a bedroll on fire to make a distraction so they could slip in unnoticed with their new looks (except Zach who looks great).
  12. once back in, they duct through ally’s to get back to the lusty cauldron. once their sarah give binx the hand sign that coming in is a bad idea and he goes around to meet her in the back. she tells him the guard is out to find the new comers to town that have caused such a stir. they even arrested the guide she had set up to take them across the jungle and even this taverns cook!she leaves the group her keys and goes back to serving.
  13. the gang sets up shop at sarahs converted basement apartment. zach goes out and stumbles upon a 9 year old street kid. he takes him out for lunch and buys him a new suit as well as himself. the boy agree’s to find some other street kids and make a distraction for him to enter the prison.
  14. zach goes back to check on the gang and then heads out to recover their stuff.

Zach’s Quest

Session 6: Welcome to Moren
just strangers in a strange land...

When we last left our heroes…
the crew has just finished a month and a half journey across an ocean on a grossly unmanned ship. tired but alive. they are for the first time free to catch their breath and take in some of the sights of the city while they look for some way to make it across the vast jungle.


  1. group enters city
  2. enters marketplace, gang notices shadey characters in allyways
  3. battle with WereRat Gang, attracts green guard.
  4. audrey and salos get covered in blood by the end of battle, green guard go arrest both of them. silas tells salos to book it and gets arrested instead. taken to Virtres Prison
  5. gang finds wererat gang member (scuttles) and interrogate for him information on a back door to the prison to break in and save friends (through the olde sewer)
  6. gang goes to tavern (the lusty cauldron) and get in contact with Sarah the barwench for finding a guide across the endless jungle
  7. olde sewer leads to underground cassum with bridge and statues.


Session 5: A Pirates life for me!

When we last left our heroes…
the team had just jumped off Lattash’s central sewer-fall into the ocean. the team had to select between two ships, a pirate ship and a privateer’s ship. the gang chose the pirate ship and under the cover of some magical fog they convinced the crew of the ship to cast off immediately and off into the endless seas they went.

the group is surrounded by the pirate crew who have now stopped manning the ship due to the yelling of a gruff mans voice. through the crowd of pirates comes through a lanky looking gentlemen with thin narrow features, black hair and wearing a captains hat. he is the one yelling demanding to know who gave the order to cast off. the party members all look at one another in silence while silas just points at his best friend for everyone to see.

“looks like we have some stowaways. MR. JIMINEY!!!!”

A stout dwarf makes his way through the crowd holding a folded leather strap. He walks over and stands next to the Captain. The two men converse for a moment to themselves before the dwarf begins hitting the leather strap against his thigh and yelling for the crew to get back to their stations. as the crowd disperses, the Captain walks off through the crowd while the dwarf approaches the group and tells them to follow him to the Captains Quarters.

the group is lead through a pair of double doors into a large carpeted room. the walls on either side are lined with bookshelves and Cabinets while the opposite wall from them is covered in bay style windows showing the ocean behind the boat. in front of that window, a ornate desk with a matching chair centre the room. as they all look around the room a couple of people notice that one of the paintings on the walls is ajar.

the captain walks in behind the group and rests his hat on a hook next to the door. He then begins to circle the room to his desk inspecting the party members as he passes. he Introduces himself to be Zachery Binx and pauses as if for a response. he is met with silence. He then tells the party he has shown people the plank for less and asks them if there is any reason he should spare them from the same future. his question is met with a short silence followed by silas offering their service as crew members. the captain takes a final glance at the gang and catches eyes with Fern. he smiles, reassures the party that they will be providing there services in that manner and once again yells for his first mate Mr. Jiminey. When he opens the door, Zachery tells him to show the gang to their beds and prepared to be added to the roster for the next shift change. the dwarf turns and begins to lead them below deck.

the gang is lead one floor below to a large shared singular dormatory with a small galley and kitchen at the rear end of the ship. the dwarf hobbles along near the rear and shows the party a group of basic cots and hammocks. he lest them know the next shift change is in three hours and walks back towards the main deck. Fern immeddiatly begins taking off her clothes to try and dry off while she catches some well earned shut eye. half way through changing she feels the eyes of her fellow party members eyes on her. she reconfirms for them how rude that is. everyone decides to join her in getting a wink of sleep.

the gang wakes up to a ringing of a bell and the call of Mr. Jiminey yelling for the changing of the roster. Fern jumps out of bed and gets ready to be assigned her job. the other party members get up and the whole group goes to the main deck to receive their jobs. when they get on deck they see the pirates form a line on deck while the shipmates getting off duty scurry below deck to get some grub. the gang joins the line as Mr. Jiminey starts going down the line assigning jobs to each crew mate. As he makes it to the gang Richard is assigned a job in the kitchen, Acer and Lorenzo are assigned to the crows nest, Fern is ordered to receive her speacal job directly from the captain and the rest are to grab the nearest line and help out as deck hands. Mr Jiminey slaps the strap of leather against his thigh and yells at them to get to work.

as the crew members all disperse to their stations, fern pauses a moment and stares at the door to the captains quarters. Salos the wolf nudges her leg to let her know he is with her. She pets his head and walks into the captains quarters. at his desk, Zachery sits looking over several pieces of paper. he looks up at her as she enters and welcomes her. since the last time she was in this room a second chair has been put on the opposite side of the desk. he gestures to it and tells her to have a seat. he walks over to one of the cabinets that opens to become a bar. he offers her a drink, she accepts. He sits back down and tells her that many people have stowed away on his boat before and none have escaped the plank until their group. the reason he felt such a large sense of charity was due to him seeing in her something he has only seen in himself before. they are both the only one of their kinds. he goes on to say that since he is showing such charity he would like as much information about his new guests as possible. She reluctantly agrees and tells him of her half Vampire lineage. after a small discussion about her childhood with the caravan he decides to share his lineage with her, but first she must ask the wolf to wait outside. again, she reluctantly agrees. the wolf growls and lets himself out.(no one questions how a wolf opens and closes a door) Zachery stands and begins to shiver and seems to shrink and shift until his clothes are a mound on the floor. out from the mound comes a black cat. it looks up at her and meets her eyes. she instantly recognizes them to be his. he begins to twist and shift again until he resumes his naked human form in front of her. embarrassed, he runs and puts his clothes on. he informs fern a little of his past and the two agree to keep what they have learned about one another between them. he assigns her two jobs. first, to entertain the crew with her music and second, to be his eyes and ears among the crew. she thanks him and resumes her duties.

Six hours later, the changing of the shift occurs again and for the first time in a long time the party realizes they are not getting rained on. for several of them this is an odd and alien experience. it can only mean one thing, they have left the waters of Connis. Tired and hungry, the gang all retires to the Galley for a bowl of stew cooked by Richard Bremnan. the gang all grabs a table together and begins to eat. about 10 minutes into their meal they can all tell there is some kind of ca-motion on main deck. the Gang all look at one another, several with a hint of terror in their eyes. Only Fern and Richard are eager to investigate and head up to main deck to see what’s up.

battle ensues

-Facinated by the glow beneath the waves
-audrey goes up and is stopped byt Zach
-Rich comes to, saves fern from drowning with rope
-Lorenzo, silas and salos go to try and break into the captains safe
-Acer and Heratio follow and both get caught by the entrancing lights
-acer drwons, fern saves him
-Lorenzo and Gang fail to get into trouble with zach
-the spirit rises from the depths and flies through richard and audrey twice
-acer defeats it with ray of frost, ruins last smoke.
-Arrive at Moren Port city
-fern convinces Zach to join them, Lorenzo offers to stay and Captain the ship in his absence
the group heads down the docks into town

Session 4: What's found at the bottom of the Well
out of the underground temple and now the gang is under the sewers

When we last left our Heroes:
the gang had made there way through the dark temple and found there way through a secret passage way into the sub level of the sewers. now under sea level and stuck at the passage way that supply the city’s wells. the team must find a way up and out to escape the Blueguard and whatever else haunts these tunnels..

After getting to the other side of the water, the party ran
into a grate. Acer remember a key in his pocket that he pulled
from a dead guy he found ealier in the sub sewer. He pulled
out the key and it fit the lock. Going through the grate,
the party ran into a y-junction. Looking down the south
corridor, Fern saw a figure screaming profanities at a
hole in the ground across a casam. Acer sent a ghost message down to the
figure to ask if they were friends or foe. The figure yelled
back that he was a friend and that mechanical hounds were
in the sewer. Lorenzo and Salos jumped across the casam and
using Lorenzo ever useful grappling hook, travelled ot join
them. The figure introduced himself as Horeitio. The party
heard metal scraping on metal down the corridor, as the
mechanical hounds began to chase after the party. Fern
found a door next to the party and after a few seconds,
Lorenzo managed to sneak under the gratting and unlock the
door. Following a circuling staircase, the party found another
grate and after unlocking it, they found themseleves in the
sewer. Down the sewer corridor, two cockroch swarms appeared.
Fern and Audry ran the other ways and found a grate that
blocked the way to a sewer outflow. In front of the grate
was two mechanical statues. As Fern and Audry ran past them,
they eyes of the statues began to glow and their mechanical
inner workings started up. As Fern noticed this she ran away,
leaving Audry behind, who was clueless. Acer threw his oil
flask, barely missing Richard, drentching the cockroach swarms
in oil. Richard lit the cockroachs on fire, who ran away into
the water. The clockwork glomes activated and after a brief
fight, including having Acer being trapped in a net, both
golmes exploded, forcing Salis and Salos to faint both times.
Just as the golmes exploded, the mechanical hounds finally
caught up to the party. After trying to fight for a few seconds,
the number of the mechanical hounds scared off the party. Just
at that moment, Lorenzo managed to open the door to the sewer outfall.
The party jumped off the sewer outfall. Richard fell into the sewer below
and began to drown. Audry and Fern go to save him, Fern grabbing him. Richard
then kissed Fern, who was very impressed. The party found four ships, and after bickering over which ship to end up on, they chose a pirate ship waiting on the dock. However, a guard seemed to notice them, so Acer cast obscring mist, causing Fern and Horertio to go onto the wrong ship. Acer managed to conivnce the pirates to leave, and just after realized that he was missing party members. He cast off a rope and all the missing party members grabbed the rope and climbed up on the boat, reuniting the party and escaping the city.

Session 3: The Buried Temple
a Chapel thirty feet below the city? what ever could it be for?

When we last left our Heroes:
the gang had made thier way trhough the sewers and into an underground chapel filled with spiders both giant and regular sized. afetr they defeated them they barred the doors they came through and headed further into the mysterious temple…

Notes By Player (Started Half way through)

Exit out of infermery
no cobwebs in room… few.. small in corner
dust but no ridonkulous spiderwebs
dead end
caved in…
“so what do we go back and face the blue guard?” richard
there is another doorway or a dormitory hallway?
“everydoorway that we’ve walked into has ended up being a dead end, and as of right now we are fleeing from the blue gaurd. I vote we follow the hallways and boogy out of here.” fern
“the blue gaurd? I’m running from them as well…” lorenzo “great so i’ve been where my parents died and where they killed my sister… great day”
“is somebody who understands some of you pain… I’m there for you… we’re both orphans.. and may or may not be about to die.” and Silas extends his hand.
The bang at the door from where the blue gaurd is trying to come continues…
we can continue to run forward or follow the hallway to the right which the halfling lorenzo came from
lorenzo blankly starts to remember fragments of things that happened when he was last in that room.. helmets.. scurrying…
“how did you even get in here”
“i was running and my dad always told me to go right…”
“well that means that we should always go right”
“lets go”
silas knealed down tot eh wolf and asked him to determine where the halfline came from
the wolf decides he came from the right.

We follow the wolf down the tunnel and leads us to a large wooden door
the door is about tenish feet tall.. unually large and two doors whide [ ] [ ]
the door is odly ornate, hand crafted and decadent with figurines and etching with a cast frame which comes out as vines.

Fern and Audrey with their high knowledge religion they both recognize the spider design in the carved door. But they both know from their knowledge history that there are no spider hailing religions
“im sick of these spiders and there seem to be a lot of them down there… and this door has a massive spider carving in it.. that makes me nervous.. i say we go check out that door down the hallway”
they follow as her logic makes sense
They come across the armory
daggers swords helmets (one on the floor) and pieces of armor all medium size.
“ferm boasts that she made right decision.
Audrey gayly skips over to the armor and throws over the chain mail then hold the full plait armor up to her body…
“ITS TOO BIG!” and she throws it to the floor as she rushes over to the weapons to see if she matches up well to that
richard and fern here a scurrying coming from afar
Fern looks over and shares what shes hear with the rest of the group.
“at least it downst sound like metal’ Richard
silas picks up a pair of sharp dagger like weapons and says
“what are these?”
lorenzo says” those are kukries.”
“i kind of like these,” says silas as he naturally swings them at front
two plates of chainmail
one half plate armor
one full plate set of armor
there is nothing for small statured people.
There is a short sword which the halflings could try and use… and a small shield
all shields are made of wood
one large shield made of wood (heavy wooden)
audrey ,richard, and silas notice a set of leather armos in the corner ad silas sprints to it and all f a sudden sheds all his clothing
Audreys intrigued as this is the first time shes ever seen a naked male
silas notices that audrey is intently fixed on his body
audrey realizes shes likes what she sees
“oh my word”
“your pretty”
“umm I dont even know you…”
“what do you mean I dont want to marry you i just said you were pretty”
“you pretty too babe”
“we dont have time for this… and im only 15” says lorenzo
“what are we gunna do.. lets go down the corner i dont like the look of the spider room” fern
“there was this door think and then there wasnt anything.. just dust” lorenzo
“so you want us to look for dust” richard
lorenzos head feels shaky and confussed
“they walk into a room and see a hand print against the door
lorenzos walks over and places his hand over the print
its an exact fit
audrey pushes him into it.
“what i thought it might be a trap door” audrey
there is a dusty hand print on the wall beside.
Richard notices
“i did that”
“what do you mean you did that” richard
silas starts to feel around the dust prints..
“theres been magic here”
everyone starts to feel around the wall
Lorenzo continues to feel and section of the wall pushes in a little bit
all of a sudden a small door begins to appear and a damply lit sewage way appears
“yup this is the door” lorenzo struts,” IIII FOUUUNDDD ITTTT”
a sorce of water can be heard streaming from afare
they all proceed through the doorway and fern, precausiously closes the door behind them
“where did i come from” “i emember crossing the water at some point” lorenzo
as they all stand next to a massive river sewage they awkwardly look at each other.. the river.. then back at lorenzo
“why are we following this idiot” fern
fern and audrey high five
“if i didnt have this massive head injury, i would probably know where we came from”
“audrey looks down and then strugs and giggles
the water appears to be flowing south depicts fern
the halfling lorenzo starts walking north
lorenzo realizes that the sewer goes 30 feet further but it is gates by the raw river passage flow (this is where the river goes from the underground river into the wells of the city) and 20 feet on the other side of the river there is a gated passage way
“this is where i came from” explaims lorenzo.
Lorenzo spins his rope across the whole river and latches upon the hook of two stones that make the walkway it sets and he ties it to ….
he looks to the largest person…
“really? Me?!” Silas exclaims “omy gawd.. just because your a little person doesnt mean your not heavy.”
“well get someone to help you then.”
audrey sighs and walks over.. all of a sudden much more intent upon silas, the boy she just saw half naked, that the halfling and his endeavors.
Silas is obviously much more content upon the goal in mind, the gated pathway across the river. Audrey is clearly focused upon Silas.
Lorenzo awkwardly makes his way across the rope followed by the other halfling.
The rest of the party look and each other and realize “great how the hell are we gunna do this now.”
“we are not forgetting my dog” silas
“maybe i can swim… no” audrey
“okay.. i may only be 12… but you can grab ahold of the rope and use it a pendulum and use the flow of the water take you to the other side of the river… you may get wet.”
Audrey jumps in first
silas raps the rope around his wolf and once they are all in the water they wing across the river
“you may be stupid but your not dumb” richard
10 feet away from lorenzo (20 feet from rest) there is a gated walkway.
Lorenzo pulls in his rope and rings it begins ringing it out.
As the team begins to dry themself off audrey sees an gold orb bobbing above the river top
“my orb! I got this” Audrey run dives into the river
at first she feels confident and then quickly realize that she is loosing her controll over the water and begins to drown. Her head bobs up and down over the water and she makes out a glowing gold figure gets father and farther from her perception
she goes down the south east streem and audrey gets her footing but doesnt see her orb anywhere.
She gets her footing and attempts to make her way to the side but she loses her footing again
she goes under the water again and as she makes surface she notices another pass way along ht eother side she struggles to make her way over the waves but she soon gets in motion with the waves and manages to almost carwheel her body over the waves and pushes her way onto the sewer river bank side.
Richard sees a forlorn body slumped upon the river bank and frantically reflects, is she dead?! Is she dead?! And realizes she is breathing heavily.
“audrey are you okay?!”
“my orb?!”
“dont worry we’ll find it! Are you okay”
audrey caughs out water from her nose and mouth
“thank god shes okay” silas
“fuck it and the druid runs back up the hallway they came”
then runs forward and sprints and jumps and throws himself across the river. He catches the wave and throws his way to the other side of the river bank. Audrey reaches over as his body reaches over to Silas and pulls him on shore.
“why as it so cold?!”
audrey looks over and says nothing
“i appologize for what I’m about to do.” silas shoves his shoulder into audrey and rolls over her onto the dryer side of the river bank.
So ps. While you guys were wining over the logistics i grabed the rope” and Acer lights a red flower.
“somebody do something with this…”
“its all you… Ive lead the party so far and they keep diving in the water” lorenzo/
ace throws the rope across. It makes in on the other side of the river bank securely
They throw the rope across the way but they decide not to cross.
“you guys can leave me here i’m not leaving without my orb”
“audrey realized she has a letter in her pocket that came with her orb
she reaches into her back to open it and realizes it completely water loged ad if she tries to open it now that it will just ruin the letter within
“hey i saw the orb go down the other stream, There’s only a well down that way”
the ther side of the crew cross over and they go
as they begin to walk down the other pathway they see another gated walkway along the way
They look in the middle and see a worldpool with audreys orb floating in the middle
“well your already wet so i vote you go in,” richard
“well yea, I want my orb”
they retie the rope around audrey and richard pushes her into the water
audrey clamers to get above water and manages to get her way into the center of the whirl pool without drowning and grabs hold of her orb. She puts it into her bag.
Richard pulls Audrey back to shore.


the bottom of the north western well On the sewer walk way.

Session 2: Into the Sewers!
Time to get dirty

When we last left our heroes…
5 strangers met in dirty dockside tavern by random chance and discovered they had two main things in common. a severe hatred for the Dragon lords and an odd connection to one another, one of these people had been looking for another for quite some time, with a message for only their eyes. over a night of drinks and conversation the strangers became friends and the message was discovered to be the last hope of a future not under the heel of the Dragon tyrants. by morning the decision had been made to seek out this last hope…

the party all stands around a rectangular table after deciding to embark on this quest when suddenly one of the most terrifying and recognizable sounds in this world is heard: the horn of the Guard.immediately the party scrambles to the south facing window to see a brigade of at least 32 Blue guards begin entering every building they pass from homes to shops and schools. halting everything as they enter. Silas and Acer begin to shudder in fear. the clerics are called to assembly as the blue guard enter the building, Richard avoids the call but places his ear to the hallway door and listens to the commanding officers decrees.

“It is the decree of the blue guard Warrants for immediate arrest for the following people”
and he continues going on with a list of unfamiliar names until..
“Silas Everglade, Acer Demitios, Audrey Burnard, Richard Bremnen”

Panic washes over Silas as he can hear it as well and hope looks lost for the party. Richard Thinks hard of how to save himself and his new partners. when finally je remembers that his co cook and long time friend Ryle once told him about an entrance to the sewers through the cellar underneath the Kitchen. to get to the kitchen though they would have to go downstairs and pass close by the hallway filled with Blue Guards but it is there only shot.

despite all odds the whole party manages to sneak through the hallways unnoticed to the kitchen and close the door. they turn around to see Ryle standing there. Richard plees with him to uncover that sewer entrance for him, Ryle agrees and leads you down into the cellar.

once in the cellar the team can tell that the blue guard are trashing the building looking for Richard and the others. the race is on Ryle tells Richard and exactly where to find the entrance and heads back up to buy the team some time. the party openes up the large trap door and uncovers a rope attached to the side to aid getting down the 10 foot drop.

The Tunnels are pitch black aside from the hint of light from the trap door they came through. the smell of garbage and waste taint the air and give an unsavory thickness. Once in the party realize that it is a 4 way junction (NW, N, SE, S,). Richard Thinks about the geography of the city and discerns what direction is east which leads to the cities sewer-falls. so the decide without hesitation to try the North Tunnel.

Fern leads the way as she is the only one who can see in the dark and it isn’t long before she discovers a trip wire in the hallway floor. she tries to guide them over it but Richard trips over his own feet and triggers the trap. two small hatches in the roof of the tunnel open up and thousands of spiders the size of gold coins start flooding out of both them. the team retreats back to the 4 way stop where they can hear that the blue guard have discovered the open sewer hatch and are trying to figure out how to get down the hatch with there bulky Armour. the gang decides to race down and check out another tunnel this time the South East Tunnel. with fern leading the way they make i down the shaft until it opens up into an underground cavern that has been transformed into a kobold encampment. over 40 tents line either side of this tribe with the only visible exit at the exact opposite side. Richard notices a kobold guard at the bottom of a small staircase beneath them. scared of alerting anything else they head back the way they came to the four way junction for a third time as they decide they are going to take the Northwest tunnel Salos, Silas’ wolf picks up the scent of something down the south tunnel. with no better leads they follow the wolf down a 30 ft tunnel that ends at a cave in. a moment of faith is lost in the companion until is discovers a hidden safe room in the side of the tunnel. the room is big enough for the whole team but is not alone. in the corner lies the skeleton of the last person in here. He has a few personal belongings in his persons (listed in the items Section.)

after waiting around for a moment and catching their breath the gang decides that to try their hand at sneaking through the dark down the Northwest Tunnel. and so they do, which leads to a spiral staircase going down. Once followed, it leads to a stone room with a stone door and oddly large Lock to boot. through some finagling and at the cost of some nice hair pins they manage to open the doors. which open up into a Creepy, cob web covered chapel 30 feet beneath the city.

as they enter they notice there ins no pews or tables. just an alter at the end of the room and a door that s locked to it’s right. by the time the gang gets far enough to notice these things the real enemy makes itself known.

1st Battle!
3 Giant Spiders, Spider Swarm

after the battle the gang can hear the Blue guards responding to the noise made during the battle also Silas was bitten by a spider and almost immediately falls unconscious. the gang pushes the alter against the opposite side of the door and discover a trap door going down underneath the alter. using a crowbar they go at the locked door to the left of the alter and finally get the lumber-bolt to come off the door frame. pulling Silas into the new hallway and getting Fern to use Mending on the Lumber-bolt gives the party another moment to relax and catch their breath.



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