Characters and Backgrounds

This Campaign is special because it is very strongly character based. each character in this story has several shocking moments for all to enjoy. to make it more versatile for replay i have made the characters into archetypes that can be played as many different classes with a little imagination. each character comes with a basis for their backstory that adds to these shocking moments later. these stories also come with personal quests and additional quirks to add flavor and secure some of these plot points.

The Amnesiac:
This character only remembers the last 4 years of their life. the first thing they remember is waking up almost naked and heavily beaten. this character might have died had you not been saved by a vagabond like child who would only be referred to as “the boy”. this boy cared for you in his soapbox home until you were well enough to leave, when you left him you promised that you would one day return his great favor.

Setting out to make a name for themselves, this character found themselves on a series of boats. Working from fishing and transport ships to larger barges and Privateer vessels, eventually leading them to find employment on a pirate ship known as “the Aliti” (elven for Seaspinner"). This pirate ship was captained by and older yet incredibly just gentleman name Zachery Binx. Adored by his crew for his brains and father-like attitude towards all under his employment, this character is quickly taken under Zachery’s wing and became your father figure, who groomed you for higher and higher ranking positions on his ship.

A few months back illness finally took the captain leaving the crew unsettled. In the captain’s will he wrote that he had known for a while that this character was the perfect person to elect to be the new captain if they valued all the captain had made for his legacy. The crew let their votes speak for them and the amnesiac was deemed captain.

In this new position the amnesiac must prove that you can be a good captain to the crew by finding work where ever it can be found, make a name for yourself as a pirate and most importantly, unravel the mystery that is your past!!

Personal Quests:
- Find out who you actually are and what happened to you.
- prove yourself to the crew as a captain.
- find “the boy” and repay your debt to him.

Additions to character:
- Gains Profession “Pirate” as a class skill and gains 1 rank in it.
- Gains “the Aliti” ship. (25 person boat. 20 crew: 3 shifts of 5 deckhands, first mate, 2 cooks and 2 medics.)

the Rebel:
This Character is the sole surviving member of their family after their fortress home was destroyed by the dragonlords (for reasons unknown). as a baby they were found by scavenging bandits and was taken to be sold into the human market. Along the way, the band of scavengers was attacked by a dwarven boarder patrol. the scavengers fled in fear dropping the baby with other goods to lighten their load.

One of these dwarves was a stoic and gruff creature by the name of Varn. He had recently lost his wife to a hand of the dragonlords only a year ago while she was carrying his son. Feeling a strange connection to the child, he adopted and raised this character as his own. From the time this character could walk this character was trained to know everything there was to know about dragons, at least what little the races of man knew. this character was also trained in the art of dwarven fighting styles and proficiency with dwarven weaponry. the rebels childhood passes by in a flash before they come of age.

2 years ago, Varn was captured by the dragonlords henchmen and sentenced to death for treason against the dragonlords. the execution took place that same day. angry and confused, this character began searching for clues until they came upon a hidden journal amid their fathers things. the journal is written in a strange code except for the last page which read..

Dear child,
this is all i have left for you. everything we have done has lead to you finding this book and completing what I and the other members of this rebellion have started. you must figure out on your own how to decipher the code but I know you can do it. this book is all you need to avenge your family and ours. seek out “the Librarian” and he will know what to do.

You may also receive some further information from our network as you go forth, our friends are out there, if you know where to look.


The next morning the rebel gathered their belongings and set out to complete his fathers destiny. The rebel traveled for many months across land and sea before landing in a city called Lattash. Deciding that here was as good as any place to start the search.

As the Rebel you must find the rebellion and aid them to bring down the dragonlords and seek justice for your lost family and Varn. All the while while gathering information about the Journal and your families past.

  • Personal Quests:*
    - Seek out other members of the rebellion and rally them together.
    - Decipher Varn’s Journal and learn its secrets.
    - Solve the mystery of your families murder.

Additions to character:
- Gains Proficiency with all weapons containing the Dwarven name.
- Varn’s Coded Journal
- Gains “Rebel-tongue” as bonus language

The Messenger
This Character was left in a basket and a isolated Monastery of Desica. The Monks of this deity don’t believe in conventional family dynamics. instead, they are more nomadic and raise all their children together equally.This character was raised with every other child there. These temples of this goddess are used as a sort of post offices for the realm. many of the monks make pilgrimages from monastery to monastery delivering packages with them along the way.

From an early age it was clear to the monks that this character had a great deal of skill and a clear calling to destiny. the High Monk of their home began offering the messenger private mentoring from all monks who excelled in any trade or skill. With the quick passing of a childhood, the messenger had become quite a skilled individual. mastering the arts of meditation and endurance as well as gaining basic knowledge of many trades.

One Night a few years ago, Bandit hordes attacked the monastery, raiding it for food and supplies. the monks fought valiantly but it seemed sure that the bandits would kill them all. Suddenly, the messenger felt something in him shift and white light covered him. a glowing rune appeared over his forehead and their eyes went white. the monks had seen this once before. this was the divine choosing. the messenger had been blessed by a god. Using the gifts from this god the bandits were pushed back and saved the monastery.

After that night it was clear that the messangers life would never be the same. the high priest called this character to his office where he revealed that when he was dropped off at the monastery they were not alone, they have a twin brother that was taken to another monastery shortly after they arrived. Although he doesn’t know where the brother ended up, he only has the name of the monk who took him along on his pilgrimage. the monks name was “Audrey Gifford”. Now that you have saved the monastery, its time to allow the messenger to take the honored coming of age pilgrimage. Taking your first parcel. the high priest brings forth a small square parcel wrapped in twine. the high priest informs this character they must take this to a man who has just lost his father, who travels upon his own pilgrimage. you will find him with this one word: NEDL (Rebel-tongue for “Varn”

The next day the messenger gathered their belongings and set out along the long road to the outside world. knowing only a word and name, the messenger knows that the guidance of their blessing has never been needed more.

As the Messenger you must make sure this parcel gets to its owner, while searching out any clues as to your twin brothers whereabouts and unraveling the mystery of your strange blessing.

  • Personal Quests*
    - Deliver the Parcel to its rightful owner
    - Locate and reunite with your twin brother
    - Understand why this god has chosen you.

Additions to Character:
- Add all Bard class skills to your trained class skills
- This character has a aura of good
- Square parcel

The Slave
This character was born into a lovely family that watched over a small rural village until the dragonlord of his home decided it needed a slave army for building another monument. they enslaved the village like so many before and after, the boy, his family and his people were all branded into service into the dragonlords.

the slave was taken far away from his homeland and forced to work in a quarry dragging stone out of the earth for building supplies. his child hood was made of hard work and determination. his family also worked the quarry which added a small light to his childhood, or at least it did until the day they came for him.

One night, the guards came and tried to take this character with them, their family protested and this characters brother was beaten badly for trying to stop a guard from grabbing them. despite the families best efforts, this character was taken into custody and the family had to watch them be dragged off never to be seen again.

The slave was taken to a strange place where he never saw the sun or sky. here with a small group of other people of similar age they were examined, placed in smaller groups for what the strange men called “Testing”. The next ten years were filled with pain and torture as the slave was put through experiment after experiment, never once understanding what purpose for them except pain. Over the years the other people in their group died off from any number of afflictions caused by the experiments until they were the only one left, and they believed it was only a matter of time before they died too.

One day, as the experiments continued as they always had. the place where the slave was being held fell under attack. the slave never learned who attacked the place but they did manage to break in and rescue this character. this took a great battle with many explosions and it wasn’t long before the slave past out from exhaustion. When they awoke, they could feel the gentle rocking of the sea. the slave found themselves alone in a small cabin on a boat. Their injuries tended to and their stomach full for the first time in years, they immediately looked around for their savior but all they found was a small envelope resting on a backpack in the corner. opening the envelope the slave found a ring and a letter that read..

If you can read this, its because i have already failed in some way, and for that i apologize. I meant to save you myself and meet you for the first time but sadly i have faltered. Instead i have planned for a backup plan currently in effect. this backup is a lonely one at first but i promise you i would not send you anywhere i know you wouldn’t be as safe as my resources allow.
So i bestow these gifts to you, in hopes you use them to right the wrongs that have happened to you and so many others under the wrath of the dragonlords. the ring in the envelope is magical and will give you the appearance of another person. Use this to slip past any guards that you might pass. I assure you the dragonlord we saved you from has every intention of getting you back and will stop and nothing to do so. the backpack has some clothes and basic supplies you will need to survive almost as much as the information i’m about to give you. You must seek out the son of Varn in the City of Lattash. This boat is headed there now and no one knows you are aboard it. when you adorn the ring you will look different then you do now but know 2 things. this form is static and cannot be changed. this form also cannot cover your magical brand so that must be concealed at all times.
Once you find the son of Varn you must stay with him for he will lead you to safety and maybe one day we can finally meet.
- the Librarian

the Boat landed the next day and the slave found themselves on the docks of Lattash. the slaved put on the ring and their new clothes and stepped out as a new person in search of “the son of Vern”.

As the Slave you must find your family and save them from slavery while staying under the radar of the dragonlords and all under their employ. As well, you seek to find the Librarian and unlock the mysteries of your torturous past.

  • Personal Quests:*
    - Find and rescue your family from slavery.
    - Seek revenge on the dragonlords for what they did to you.
    - Find the Librarian and find out why they did those experiments to you.

Additions to Character:
- Dragonlord Service Brand
- Ring of disguise (static)
- Toughness as a bonus feat

The Outcast
This Character never met either of their parents. found in a basket on the side of the road by a group of contraband smuggling gypsies that floated from town to town as performers in a circus. the gypsies noticed that the child had an eerie look to their appearance, which as social rejections themselves they felt for the child and adopted the outcast to their ranks.

the outcasts childhood was relatively pleasant, they started helping out with the shows and the “family business” as a child and quickly showed a talent for both and was quickly made to be a main performer in the circus and drew reasonable crowds. the eerie look to the outcast seemed to reflect in their performances, leaving people entranced. The outcast didn’t really care for this attention, seeking privacy and solace. they reverted from the fandom and found meaning in their personal projects.

One day while working, the outcast wandered into another performers tent. the performer was lying on their bed, eyes open. the outcast asked the performer to play with them in the field outside but the performer refused, saying that he could not get up. the outcast ran to grab an adult and when they return they learned that character had died in their sleep the previous night! throughout the years the outcast had a few similar instances before realizing the truth. they were able to commune with those who had past, but how??

The crowds eventually died down and the outcast was asked to take a larger role in the family business and quickly became the the closer for most deals regarding trades. life seemed good for a time. The freedom from the main stage offered even more freedom to work on personal projects and the closer position became quite the profitable gig. Yet through it all the outcast still desired to get the answers he could never get while still traveling with the caravan. So the next week, the outcast gathered their belongings and set out to find the the answers he needed and to find their place in this world.

Over the next few months the outcast made their way from town to town performing in bars and marketplaces for gold to survive and looking for leads to their heritage. this also gave the outcast their first taste of the world, and in it they found so many people who wandered through life without meaning or purpose. the outcast vowed that day to find a cause besides their own personal vendetta and do something for the world. Their journeys eventually lead them to stow away on a ship on its way to city called Lattash.

As the Outcast you must find a balance between finding the answers to the many questions regarding who you are and finding a way to better the world so no one has to live through as much strife as the world seems to face today

  • Personal Quests:*
    - Find your parents or any clues to discovering your heritage.
    - Unravel the secret surrounding your strange ability.
    - Find meaning or a cause to make your mark on the world

Additions to Character:
- Speak with dead (1/day)
- +2 to Intimidate and Bluff
- Perform is a class skill and gain 1 rank in it.

Characters and Backgrounds

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