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Making A Character:

These are Links to help anyone make Character to add to the Game. Main Characters and Backstories are helpful to know what the party already has for races and classes and gives you a taste of their personalities. Races of the Realm is a complete compendium of every meta race that will become a race in the future. it never hurts to add one or two into early lore. Finally, Gods and other divine forces is for selecting a deity and hopefully finding a small path or outlet for your character.

Races of Lenne Gods and Divine Forces Characters and Backgrounds

Keeping Organized:

Below are the links for the Party to keep track of everything from who they have met, who they have faught and the gear the have collected over this adventure. these sections are not just great for keeping track of assests and battle xp, they are also helpful for ensuring no valuable items go missing thatshouldn’t be lost. it also helps the party and the GM with remembering NPC names.

People You Know Battle Tracker Swag Tracker

Realm Information:

Here are some links that are going to help you understand, survive and blossom in the realm of Lenne. Cities and Settlements will help you understand the cities a little better.

Cities and Settlements The Dragon Lords A Guide to Flowers

Alternate Campaign:

Finally these are the Links to help out with running a side campaign with villains (allowing your party to gain some extra side knowledge)

Personality Builder Villain Storyline [[Villains & Backgrounds]]


Dice Roller:

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